DVD Mini Level 1

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Toto Instruktážní DVD patří k našim nejnovějším závislostem na kruzích zvané Mini Hoops! Obsahuje kromě tanečních a fitness prvků, také choreografii. DVD je pouye v Anglickém jazyce, je vhodné pro všechny ůrovně i úplné začátečníky!


Get in the hoop with our latest obsession, Mini Hoops!

Take your practice to the next level and add a world of possibilities to your practice with Mini Hooping. This challenging new form of hooping sculpts and tones the arms, back, chest, and abs.This new DVD is not only an arm workout, but works the full body, bringing sexy definition to the deltoids, triceps and biceps (Michelle Obama arms anyone?), lats and obliques (hello strapless and low back dresses).

What's more of a bonus than to practice working a pair of hoops in both hands? Minis develop coordination and creativity, as well as help the brain work faster, letting you generate more amazing hooping ideas!

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  • DVD Mini Level 1

    Cena749,00 Kč