Zahraniční kurz Hoop-Yoga v Turecku (5.-12.9.2014)

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Come with us to dive into amazing nature with many cultural trips, amazing food, hooping workshops and relaxing yoga retreat. We have spend a lot of time and effort to find the perfect place for our beautiful hooping community. A place filed with beauty, nature, peace and love. In the heart of Fethiye's countryside, this organic farm offers eco-friendly accommodation and a taste of traditional village life with outdoor activities for both children and adults.

This unique farm property features organic vegetable plots, farmyard animals and a rustic ambience. Pastoral Vadi's charming bungalows are made from stone, mud-brick or wood. Each one has been ecologically designed and all waste and used water is recycled. The produce used for meals has been grown on the farm or supplied by local farmers. Staff will teach guests how to prepare traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Children will find plenty to keep them entertained. There is a lovely animal farm and children's arts and crafts workshops. They can also help out with tasks around the farm.

Enjoy a relaxing escape from the stresses of 21st-century life in Yaniklar Village. Indulge in culture and art workshops with agricultural activities. Visit the local beach, just 10 minutes away. The river runs just by your wooden bungalows and you can enjoy the swimming pool with natural spring water. This beautiful Eco Farm is up in the mountains so it’s never too hot there. Surrounded by amazing forests and beautiful meadows.

Come to enjoy 7 days of fun, hooping, yoga, beautiful beaches, endless meadows & forests, historical cities , abandoned villages and fantastic food!!!

You may secure your spot with non refundable deposit of 299 €!

Trips Information

Lycian City-Trip

Ancient Lycian city of Tlos-lunch at Yakapark among water gardens-Saklikent canyon, the second largest gorge in Europe. Approximate duration: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

This excursion will introduce the visitors to the ancient history of the region which was called Lycia and inhabited by highly crafted people with fierce love for freedom.  Nowadays the remains of Lycia is an open-air museum with rock-cut tombs and free-standing sarcophagi as the most impressive cultural feature of Ancient Lycia.

We will visit the city of Tlos that was named "the very brilliant metropolis of the Lycian nation" during the Roman period.

This Lycian city with its stunning location on top of the hill with magnificent views across the valley is estimated to begin more than 4,000 years ago.  Subsequently it was inhabited by Romans, Byzantines and eventually Ottoman Turks, all leaving their architectural marks: Lycian stunning necropolis, acropolis and a fortress; remains of the Roman-era walls, agora, amphitheatre, baths; the remains of a Byzantine church and latest the Ottoman fort.

Lunch will be held at a relaxing Yakapark restaurant among the cascading water in the shades of the trees.  Speciality: fresh trout and Turkish entrees.

After lunch-Saklikent Gorge, the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey.  In total it is 18 km long with water-sculpted limestone walls soaring above.  It is so steep and narrow that the sun does not penetrate inside, leaving the canyon refreshingly cool in the hot summer months.  It is possible to take a short walk along this fascinating wonder of nature or relax in one of the tea platforms.

Boat Trip

Boat trip around Fethiye bays and islands on a traditional wooden gullet with engine and mast to sail. A great way to relax, while cruising along the beautiful coast line full of history, swimming and snorkeling in  turquoise waters and suntanning on a deck.  The boat usually stops at six islands and cruise by the rest.(Transfers and lunch like fish or chicken, salad, pasta or rice included).

Abandoned Greek town & Famous Ölüdeniz beach.

Abandoned Greek town-museum of Kaya-lunch at Kaya-afternoon at famous Ölüdeniz beach. The early settlements of this Greek village beautifully perked on a hillside dates back to the 15th century.

The Greek people lived here in peace with the Turkish population under the rule of the Ottoman Empire until the tragic events following the WWI.  In 1923 the exchange of populations agreement was declared under which the Greek people living in Turkey had to leave for Greece and the Turkish people in Greece would be sent to Turkey.  The city never came fully back to life after this.  It stays empty until this day as a  bitter reminder of the powerful history.

Lunch at one of the village restaurants with the views on the ghost-town (drinks are not included).

Afternoon spent on Ölüdeniz beach national park with several options for water sports.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation per person,
  • breakfast & dinner,
  • airport pick up and drop off,
  • all trips include lunches,
  • hooping workshops with Edita Deveroux & Sara Kunz,
  • yoga classes with Lucia Latypova,
  • gift bag with hooping tank top+DVD Hoopdance Level 1&2.

You may secure your spot with non refundable deposit of 299 €!

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48300 Yanıklar/Muğla, Turkey

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