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Teacher Training Paris HF1

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HoopFit1 is Teacher Training program for absolute beginners. There is no need for any previous hooping skills.This program is specified for those who wish to teach their future students complex cardio program. It's our job to teach you all thanks to our very unique teaching method which has been created using experience of many years of lead Master Trainers of Hoopnotica USA, Hoopnotica Europe. Our program undergone many updates and adjustments to become what it is today. Thanks to professionals of HoopGalaxy we now are proud to offer valuable teaching program that will bring unbeatable benefits to you!  As part of our program you will also receive all studying materials, DVD, Hula hoop,/shipping costs are also included/. You can benefit from becoming our ''Hoopers Club "member , further you will receive extended listing on our website which will allow you to set up your profile along with your website link, classes promotion etc..., you can also shop all our products at wholesale price and you will have our professional support during your hooping business at absolutely no additional cost!!  Please contact us atinfo@hoopgalaxy.com  if you wish to obtain  further information or would like to know about additional discounts in case you sign up for more than 1 level course.



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  • 28.3.2016, 10:00 - 18:00


rue Paul Maurice, 75020 Paris, Francie


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