Hoop-Yoga Retreat Turkey

Our first hoop yoga retreat was beyond our expectations! And our second left us breathless!!

This is a first time I arrived to a place that was so magical and way more beautiful than any of the pictures that captured it.

Untouched nature, no signs on the road that would show how to get there,unless you have exact instructions how to get there you will simply never find it!''Ask the owner of the local store for directions'' was our main lead on how to get there. That freaked us out a little but once we arrived to the resort it all made perfect sense to us!This place is to remain undiscovered specially by local tourist. And we were really not surprised when we saw this huge organic farm with all the lovely fruits such as figs, oranges, grapes, lemons etc..., all this beauty surrounded by mountains, so peaceful and quiet just 10 minutes away from the sea. Ahhhhhh that's how Eden on Earth looks like !But this was far no all yet. Once we put our stuff in cozy Turkish traditional style village little houses we took off to explore the farm some little more. We walked through beautiful forest just on the other side of the farm until we reached our kitchen where the dinner was just being prepared for us. Lovely ladies from the local village were welcoming us as they prepared food from their organically grown produce. Wow it smelled sooooooo nice. The forest smell mixed with organically fresh grown food  together with traditional Turkish spices!! I am so hungry already. Those ladies preparing our food were all volunteering here and they had such positive  and loving energy I felt like home already!  It was a love at first sight and I couldn't wait for others to arrive to share this divine place with them! It does not come easy for me to write about all the beautiful moments we shared here together. Those were so intense that every little thought is bringing them back to life. There is a looooooooooong story with every sentence I write down to share with you. Beautiful stories are to be lived and not to be told, written and even less just imagined ! Beaqutiful  stories are to be lived!!!:0) And there for I am adding some amazing pictures out of which you can feel the unforgettable energy and feelings that we all shared.I would also like to keep some of those magical moments in my heart and share them with you next year when you will join us and see for your self:0)! Looking forward to see you join our HoopGalaxy family this very end of summer 2019 in this unforgetable secret part of Paradise!