Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this exercise heavy on my joints??

    HoopGalaxy has 0 to minimal impact on your joints. Due to its low impact it is even recomended for seniors and pregnant woman. HoopGalaxy was created combining Hoopnotica method which is hot trend among Hollywood stars and enriched by new moves of experienced HoopGalaxy teachers . 

  • What if I Can’t Hoop?

    We like your chances. Five minutes with a HoopGalaxy Certified Teacher or Level 1 DVD is all it takes for most people to set our adult-sized hoops in perpetual motion. Once you stop worrying about the hoop falling down, the real challenge will be putting it down!

    • Fun, low-impact cardio workout
    • Increases heart rate + metabolism
    • Improves coordination + confidence
    • Decreases back pain + strengthens core
    • Safe before, during, and after most pregnancies
  • What is the Difference Between HoopGalaxy and "Hula Hooping"?

    You may have fond memories of twirling a toy hoop around your waist as a child, but you’ve evolved since then. So has hula hooping. HoopGalaxy combines larger, heavier hoops with an internationally acclaimed dance and fitness curriculum for an exhilarating workout that blasts 400-600 calories per hour. It’s a playful practice that yields serious results!

  • What Makes HoopGalaxy So Effective?

    Hooping engages several complex muscle groups simultaneously including abdominals, glutes, and thighs, resulting in a more intense and thorough aerobic workout. Waist hooping has been proven to shed as many calories as cardio kickboxing– our curriculum teaches you how to move the hoop up and down the body for an even bigger burn!

  • What if I can't spin the hula hoop?

    HoopGalaxy is using bigger and heavier hula hoop which is less challenging compare to the kids hula hoop. 99% of people realize that they can spin the hula hoop within 5 minuts exactly as when they were kids!