How Do I Start?

We are addicted to sharing the joy that hula hooping brings and we are proud to have inspired a global community of hoopers.

Anyone can start hooping at almost any age, shape or size and we are here to help! Discover hooping for yourself. Use our handmade fitness hoops made for adult bodies, instructional DVDs or with one of our incredible   HoopGalaxy  Certified Teachers.

If you want to start tightening your core, feeling confident, energized and successful then you have come to the right place!

What if I Can’t Hoop?

We like your chances. Five minutes with a HoopGalaxy Certified Teacher or Hoopnotica Level 1 DVD is all it takes for most people to set our adult-sized hoops in perpetual motion. Once you stop worrying about the hoop falling down, the real challenge will be putting it down!

  1. Fun, low-impact cardio workout
  2. Increases heart rate + metabolism
  3. Improves coordination + confidence
  4. Decreases back pain + strengthens core
  5. Safe before, during, and after most pregnancies

How do I start hooping?

  • 1st step

    Get HoopGalaxy or Hoopnotica® Hoop & DVD set.

    Visit our eshop
  • 2nd step

    Grab your Hoop & start Hooping.

  • 3rd step

    Join Our Hooper's Club and facebook community.

  • 4th step

    Sign up for our HoopGalaxy teacher training program and become certified hooping professional.