Build confidence

My name is Edita Deveroux and I am founder of Hoopnotica Europe 2012 and HoopGalaxy 2014.

I first learned about hooping in Los Angeles USA 2008. It was about 3 weeks after I have moved my whole family there. I was very interested in hooping and so I joined Reyna McInturf’s ( Founder of Hoopnotica USA 2006) classes. I got so excited that I wanted to bring hooping to Prague right away.

At the same time I realized how crazy this idea was! I had to remind myself that I have just moved my whole family to LA and I am just about to move them back to Prague?! And so life went on and hooping stayed on side. But it did not last long and the hoop temptation was here again! The hoop activity was calling. This time I had more free time and so I just kept hooping and hooping. It did not take too long for me to discover that whenever I feel sad or bad I reach out to my hula hoop. And because hooping makes me feel great I keep on doing it more and more! It’s clear…….I am hooked…..hooping is addictive!

I kept telling myself few times a day after each look at my hula hoop I had to grab it and spin it.

At that time I still did not have the slightest idea about all wonders of this little piece of plastic!

I have suffered with major back pain all my life which sometimes got so bad I couldn’t even move around for weeks. Chiropractor   was on my list at least  once a month. After 3 months hooping I realized that I haven’t experienced any back pain for a long time. It was so long that I had to check in my agenda to see my last chiropractor appointment. I was shocked to find out that it was 3 months ago! Wow I got healed with HOOPING!!! I  was so happy I immediately started to search the internet to find out more about hooping. I just really wanted to know more about this amazing activity.  After my research I found out there is so many benefits of hooping on our body and mind that I wanted  to  do a little experiment  myself to find out how is hooping working on me. The results of my experiment was not just exiting it was urging me to contact Hoopnotica USA and finally take hooping to Prague! So I could teach this amazing activity there and help people to bring joy into their   life and hopefully change their lives same way I changed mine. And here is the result of my experiment:

  • Hooping makes me happy
  • Gets me rid off every day stress
  • Got me rid of depression, anxiety and other unpleasant emotional feelings
  • Gives me healthy amount of self confidence
  • Shaped and strengthened  my body
  • Thanks to hooping I got younger in my body and my mind

I believe that everything is possible now! The boundaries we create exist only within our mind! We are the way we feel! Hooping changed my life! This beautiful activity is for everybody no matter the age or gender! I wish for everyone to try hooping to discover by them self the magic of a plastic circle! Many beautiful  and happy moments! Healing through Love and discovering your true self!