Where to begin?

Build confidence

I have always been creative but have struggled to find ways to express myself. Like most people I went to school and university and before I knew it I found myself in a job with bills to pay and commitments. Every day I would get up, put on smart clothes and pretended to be someone else. Some people can do this, but after time I think I became quite depressed. I never exercised and felt pretty rubbish about myself and the way I looked.

I wanted to find a way to exercise that I would enjoy but that wasn’t as boring as the gym or as intimidating as a dance class. I had seen a poster somewhere for a hula hoop class. So I though I would give it a shot. I instantly connected to the hoop and it’s rhythm. I begged the teacher Emilie Rowell to lend me a hoop until she could make me one. And that was it. I was hooked.

I went to classes every Tuesday night in Bristol until I left for London. Which led me into a deeper hole of unhappiness. Last Christmas I went on holiday to Goa. I remember hooping on the beach and the absolute bliss it gave me. I remember thinking there must be more? I had met some incredible people. One amazing person in particular. And I had realized there was so much more to life. I didn’t have to go back to the job I hated, to the mask I put on every day, to the city I didn’t want to be in.

When I got home. I quit my job. I left the city and returned to Goa and travelled the world. My trusty hula hoops gave me the companionship that I needed. The hoop for me was a tool for going to parties on my own. It brought me safety as I could go and hoop alone and no one could connect with me unless I wanted them too. When I lived in Goa, I would wake up every morning have a cup of chai, swim in the ocean and hoop. It was bliss.

Two and a half years later. I can safely say I have found a career where I can be myself and I live happily in the UK again. Hooping has taught me so much. It has taught me patience – I can’t think of anything that I have preserved it so much, I learnt a trick for the first time recently that I have been practising for two and a half years!!! The satisfaction in that?! Incomparable. Hooping has taught me confidence. Hooping has taught me appreciation of others. I find unlike most “sports’ it discourages being competitive. We all have our own style and should only ever help each other. Don’t get green eyed! We are all amazing :D Hooping for me a stress reliever, it has the ability to turn my day around. Whenever I feel rubbish I get in the hoop and it takes me somewhere. There are truly moments when I feel like I have transcended to another universe.

Thank you for listening to my story. Now go grab a hoop :0), Tori Rogers ,x