Zkušenosti z hoopingu

An open letter to all hoopers, and to those that inspired my journey; 

I first discovered the hula hoop at a music festival with a friend. I once told this story in a public speaking class in college. I started it like this: "How a Hula Hooping Fairy saved my life, in more ways than one". To this day that story holds more true than ever. 

Hello hoopers,

My name is Tine Mathieu, the creator and founder of ‘Hooping Wonderland’ in Belgium.

I live in Belgium and I never saw anyone hooping. So how did I find this circle of love, of life, of joy?

2011 My hoop story began with the Ozora festival in Hungary. I was sitting on a hill and saw a girl playing with the hula hoop and she was making a simple isolation. It looks like magic. It look like i can step trough the hula hoop and on the other side is an other world. There began my magical and never ending hoop story.

After the festival season I was sitting at home and watched thousands of hula hoop videos. Lisa Lottie became my biggest idol.



I’m Lizzie and I live in London. My hooping journey began at a festival in Dorset, England in Autumn 2013. The performers in a circus tent encouraged my sister and I to try out their hoops. We both loved it, but work and the winter got in the way. Then for Christmas, my sister gave me a beautiful silver sparkly travel hoop and signed us up to a hoop tricks class with the amazing ‘Anna the Hulagan’.


Hi, I´m Nina from Vienna and I love Hula Hoop Dance so so much. It´s unbelivable female energy and how it strenghtens my body just with fun :0). When you´re one with the hoop and get intouch with the flow– That´s amazing. I´m so in Love with this feeling that now I´m addicted to it :0) I started Hoopdance at a workshop with a performer in Vienna. It was nice and I learned a lot but after a while taking workshops I could not improve myself anymore and I wasn`t that good... So I was frustrated and stopped hooping.