Czechs are afraid to hula hoop vs Moravians get right on it!!

This year we attended 2 amazing events in Czech Republic: Dance Life Expo in Brno and 3D FITNESS kongres in Prague.

 During both events HoopGalaxy presented hooping for the first time and there for we were viewed as novelty in the world of dance and fitness. Very few people knew very little about hooping and even less of them have already tried to hoop. Most of them though had no idea and the only hoop they ever could associate with was their hula hoop when they were kids.

In Brno during the Dance Life Expo we truly had a blast! People were excited about hooping and the energy was filled with laughter and joy. Some were even touched when they realized they can actually spin the hoop around!Most of women tried to hoop only out of curiosity but did not expect to manage . They even commented before they got on it '' I will never manage anyway to spin this thing", but they did thanks to our instruction extracted from our incredible teaching program. Most of them managed to spin the hoop in 5 min some of them even faster! '' Wow this is amazing I am spinning it!!!! "  They were yelling with the smile on their face:0) Some of them did not want to let the hoop out of their hand! Almost everyone who was passing by in Brno tried to hula hoop no matter of age or gender. We were even surprised how many people attended our beginner and intermediate level workshop. We truly had no idea that there is so much interest in hula hooping in Moravia. Adults came even to attend workshop that was intended for children. Saturday night before the Pole Dance finale we presented Lila Chupa-Hoops in HoopGalaxy on Fire show on the main stage.Lila was incredible and her performance with fire hula hoop was breath taking and absolutely unforgettable!!! She truly got the audience off of their chairs! It was absolutely spectacular!!!  Our thanks goes to all the support of hula hooping we received in Moravia! Moravians are fun and are not afraid of novelties! On the contrary they get right on it!!! We are very excited about it and are looking forward to see hooping grow in this region even more!!:0)

In Prague it was very different ! Czechs are afraid to hula hoop!! We mostly heard them say " I don't want to embarrass myself " ,and so we made a little reserch.After that we realized that everyone who tried hopping at the 3D FITNESS congress was again from Moravia!! This event attended over 400 people. In the hall with main stage everybody could try hooping during our presentations for 15 minutes. Only few people had the courage to do so! Almost everyone just sat there and with fear in their face waited what will happen. When we tried to encourage them assuring them that hooping does not hurt and is really easy to master following with asking their attendance many of them were so afraid they preferred to leave the room.There was a group of woman which we watched how enthusiastic they attended all the aerobic activities and we thought to ask them to try to hula hoop with us. Their faces got frightened with their eyes on top of their head shaking them to say no. I got the impression as if I just handed them a revolver asking them to shoot themselves! It's just a hula hoop we are talking here about!!!! No one  will get hurt or killed!!! :0) And so we really did not manage to convince Czechs to hula hoop with us. After my hoop performance on the main stage people were exited again they clapped their hands and laughed and I could clearly see the relieve on their faces. Literally hearing their voice saying '' The danger of hula hoop is over!'' 


I'd like to here with greet all the hoopers and hoop lovers and to congratulate them that they did not fear to start this beautiful and amazing activity called HOOPING! Thanks to your courage you are now able to fully benefit from all the incredible positive effects of hooping on your body and mind! I would like to wish you lots of beautiful moments and experiences on your hooping path. But most of all I would like to wish you to find yourself in the hoop and manifest the beauty of your being through the hula hoop!!!

Edita Deveroux