Business conditions HoopGalaxy

Introductory regulation

These Terms and Conditions apply for purchase at the online store operated for domain (the e-shop). The conditions specify  the rights and obligations of the Seller's HoopGalaxy (the Seller) and buyer (customer, consumer - hereinafter referred to as Buyer). all contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. Commercial conditions do not apply to cases where a person who intends to buy goods from the seller, is ordering goods within their business.

Provisions derogating from commercial terms can be agreed upon in the sales contract. Different arrangements in contract of sale take precedence over the provisions of terms of trade. The Business Conditions may be altered or amended by the Seller. This provision shall not prejudice the rights and obligations arising after the effective period of the previous version of the Business conditions.

Purchase  closure  agreement :

E-shop contains a list of goods offered for sale by the Seller, and includes the prices of individual goods. The prices of the goods offered include total. The offer  goods on sale and the prices of these goods are valid for a period of time, they are displayed in the e-shop. This provision not limited to the seller conclude a purchase agreement for individual agreed terms. All offers to sell goods placed in the e-shop are binding and the seller is not obliged to enter into a purchase agreement regarding this goods.

Buyer's orders made ​​via the e-shop

A sales contract and the actual purchase contract is concluded at the moment when the order gets confirmed by the Seller to the e-mail of the buyer. It is expected that Purchaser's address is correctly listed. Failing to confirm receipt send  to the Buyer ,due to incorrect address or others  shall be considered as completed. By entering into the purchase agreement between the Buyer and Seller arising both parties into mutual rights and obligations.

Acceptance of the terms of trade - By placing an order, the buyer confirms that is acquainted with these Terms and Conditions, including the Complaints Procedure and General conditions for purchasing hoops and other items, and agrees with them. These Business conditions, Complaints Procedure and the General Conditions are known to the Buyer sufficiently prior to carrying out orders and has the opportunity to become acquainted with them.

Any modifications to these Terms and Conditions, Complaints Procedure, the General Conditions of the hoops and other products and conditions of the purchase contract  requested by the Buyer, Must be independently confirmed  by the Seller and in full acceptance by the Seller. In any case  those shall not be considered as acceptance in case of an automatic e-mail confirmation.

Changes or cancellation by the Seller

Seller reserves the right to cancel or change order, respectively. Purchase contract or part thereof, in the event that

  • a) is not able to procure the required goods in the required quantity,
  • b) are significantly changed the price of goods,
  • c) has doubts about the credibility of the Buyer and disclosures in the order and believes that negotiations with Buyer could lead to financial loss of  Seller. In the case that this situation occurs, Seller shall immediately contact the buyer to agree on how to proceed. Any agreed changes in the order, respectively.

In the event that Buyer or Seller entered this situation that arose  any overpayments or underpayments by either one will undertake both Parties to  compensated these financial items immediately.

Changes or cancellation by the Buyer

Buyer has the right to cancel or modify the order, by e-mail or telephone. In the case that is "ready for dispatch", the cancellation is only possible by telephone, since it is assumed  as early delivery to the carrier - in which case, the seller can not guarantee compliance (consignment may already be handed over to the carrier, just not yet updated order status ).

Any agreed changes in the order will be respected and noted in the system. In such event that the Purchaser will have any overpayments or underpayments by the Seller, it is understood to  undertake, immediate actions  by either of both  parties to  compensated immediately all of the following financial items.


Buyer order  is archived  by the Seller in order to meet Buyer needs and  for  record purposes. In which it is in the accessible state for the Buyer. Contract can be concluded in the Czech language. Buyer has the option to detect and correct errors during data entry incurred prior to the order confirmation.

Delivery of goods

  • Destination
    Goods are sent into the Czech Republic and other states around the world with limitation to some countries in which case must be agreed prior to shipping.
  • Delivery Method
    Goods are sent by Czech Post, DPD, or also possible to self pick up of the goods (in the case of a personal collection of the goods is needed from Buyer to arrange with the Seller on the date of collection of the goods).
  • Turnaround Time
    the goods ordered are mainly handmade

In the event that the goods ordered are in stock at the time of order, the goods are dispatched within 3 working days after payment order, after the amount is paid by bank transfer.

Methods of payment

Ordered goods can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal / Credit card or cash. Payment option can be selected before confirming the order.

Payment Terms

  • Payment by bank transfer - account number is 7777559980/5500, IBAN: CZ7855000000007777559980, SWIFT:RZBCCZPP.Purchases in the USA will be handled localy and payment information will be selected after placing each order individually. Each order confirmation will be assigned with a variable symbol (order number), which is the basic identification of the order.  Notes to the recipients or add your first and last name to better trace your payment. Orders can be archived only 7 days. If payment is not placed within 7 days this order will be automatically canceled.
  • Cash – In case of personal pick up by previous mutual agreement. No additional charges.

Shipping and fees

To send to the Czech Republic and other countries by:

  • CZECH POST / DPD - to the specified delivery address in the country. Shipping charge 150 CZK in CZ.
  • Personal pick up - FREE.
  • Shipping to other countries - will be dealt with individually.

The consumer's right of withdrawal

  1. Return goods - Buyer - Consumers have the right to return the goods to the seller pursuant to § 53, paragraph 7 of the Civil Code, without giving a reason. The buyer has the right to – return the goods within 14 days of receipt of goods.
  2. Buyer - Consumers have the right to:
    • Receive  money refund for goods
      The full amount for the goods will be refunded to the buyer only if the goods are not damaged. In the event that the goods have been damaged by the buyer a fee for those will incur.  Money will be refunded immediately after physical receipt of the returned goods which must be sent to the address of the company together with proof of payment.
    • The exchange of goods
      The same applies as in the case of returning the goods.

Instead of returning

In case of withdrawal within the 14-day period, the Buyer - Consumer shall return the goods  to the Seller at the delivery address on the "About Us".

General conditions for HoopGalaxy

  • Hoops are hand made so slight variations in size and slight asymmetry decoration tapes are permissible.
  • Straps are made ​​of high quality materials from foreign manufacturers and suppliers.
  • HoopGalaxy Hoops weigh around 300-900 grams depending on the type hoops. It's not a toy!
  • They are intended solely to dance / fitness hoops for adults . HoopGalaxy is not responsible for any problems caused by an inappropriate and improper use of hoops or other items.
  • Please order the right size - the complaints based on wrong sizes will not be considered.
  • Travel-hoops are designed exclusively for travel and everyday use leads to rapid wear and even eventual destruction of the hoop.
  • Hoops are made ​​of flexible tubing which is subject to pressure. The tube is associated inner connector made ​​of plastic. Excessive stress and excessive pressure can cause a rupture in some cases of internal connectors .It is therefore recommended to avoid  durability testing of hoops and use it just to do what it is intended for.
  • Nothing lasts forever - despite all efforts to keep the hoop in the best condition, the damage to the tape is unavoidable. All is, of course, depending on the frequency of use, what kind (material) of surface does it  falls at and  where you store it, etc. Because we can not influence  such handling, which results the  tape damage .Those shall not be considered  as reasons to claim as defect.
  • Hooping is a relatively safe activity, but if you are not sure whether you can seamlessly engage in such activity we highly recommend, to consult with your physician.

Final provisions

These terms and conditions apply as stated on the Sellers Web Store  on the day of actual order departure. Respectively refer to as  purchase contract. These Terms and Conditions  enable to the Buyer to archiving the order. Update and change the Terms and Conditions shall notify visitors through Internet business news on the front page.


Buyers are kept in compliance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the Law Personal Data Protection (101/2000 Sb.) and subsequent amendments and regulations. All data received from Buyer Seller is used solely for internal use by our business firm and will not be provided to the third party .Exceptions are the carriers, which has customer's personal information transmitted to the minimum extent necessary for the smooth delivery of the goods. Without the express consent of the Buyer, Seller dealt with his personal information exclusively to the extent permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, especially in § 5, paragraph 2, point. b) and § 5, paragraph 6

Complaints procedure

Any complaint process to your individual agreement and in accordance with applicable laws regulating such.Buyer is required to inspect the goods at the delivery time to detect any defects or differences in invoicing and delivery of goods. Buyer is obligated to immediately report any defects visible up on the delivery .Photographic evidence is necessary.With no later than next working day after receipt of shipment. Later complaints on damage during deliveries can not be considered! For defects caused by the carrier insurance coverage is negotiated and therefore it is necessary that you  report obviously damaged  shipment from the shipper and that you will not except such delivery !. All goods are covered by warranty for 24 months, unless stated otherwise. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. Refunding order is in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Sb.Civil Code, as amended, and Act No. 634/1995 Sb. Consumer Protection Act. If the buyer is an entrepreneur, then in accordance with the provisions of Act 513/1991 Sb. Commercial Code.

The warranty does not cover:

defects resulting from common use improper and inappropriate use of the product improper storage

How to claim

  • Tell us about your complaint by e-mail (with photographs), by telephone or in writing.
  • Send goods in their original packaging as certified package to our address. Get address information as those vary based on original country of purchase.
  • Shipments  must have  attached a copy of proof of payment and indicate the reason for return.
  • Your complaint will be filled as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from its announcement.